Moving From Miami to Richmond

Hello I am spending right now one of the last days at my house in Miami it’s so bright, I’m pretty sure that I have one of the ugliest bags ever it’s kind of this weird I don’t even know, and a piece just kind of fell off.

Moving From Miami to Richmond Photo Gallery

So today is the day that I am moving out of Miami to Richmond. So right now, I’m finishing up my packing. But, I’m having a little trouble um I have already packed up my first suitcase, and I am trying to pack up the rest of my things in the second one. But I don’t know if, I’ll have enough room my first suitcase which I could try, and fit more things in. But it’s already pretty much full this is how much room I have in my other suitcase. So not much, and I will also be taking this big purse I can put some things in there. But this is all of the stuff that I need to pack you.

So I’ve already packed everything else. But my most difficult thing to pack is going to be my cat Prince Caspian he seems to like it hi I live in Richmond now, I’m in my apartment which I will show you on another. But um yeah this is my second date here and, I’m just settling in, and you have furniture coming tomorrow for now it’s pretty empty. So just getting used to everything, and excited.

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