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Mostaganem Travel on COLGATE UNIVERSITY Becker, Gary (1930– ) AN INNOVATIVE ECONOMIST, Gary Becker has applied the tools of microeconomics to fields of inquiry that were not traditionally recognized as the purview of economics, such as racial discrimination, marriage and divorce, fertility, crime, and addiction. Whereas previously such behaviors were assumed to be determined by habit, culture, or irrationality, Becker’s research shows that behavior in such areas is consistent with models of rational choice, in which individuals maximize their utility subject to constraints of time and finances. Becker also increased the flexibility of the rational choice model. While early models of MICROECONOMICS posited that people were selfish, Becker allows agents in his models to be altruistic or selfish, discriminatory or egalitarian. In recent work, Becker has developed models in which people can choose their preferences. One of Becker’s most significant contributions is Human Capital, which studies the relationship between earnings and human capital (i.e. Mostaganem Travel 2016.

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