Hey everybody how you guys doing today we are we’re making our way to our final country in Europe now. So we are currently in Zurich, and we’re gonna head down to breakfast, and then about 12 o’clock we have a train to Italy which would be good, and we’ll be exploring four places there we’re going to Lake Como first then Venice Florence, and then ending our time in a row do you guys have any suggestions on what to do, and what to see in those cities leave comment below. So we can go, and do them, and yesterday we didn’t realize until our bellies were full that we could order crepes at breakfast.


So you getting great were you having great is this thank you if we have enough juice grapefruit juice do you like it yeah really sour when I usually eat grapefruit your mic and. So do some grapefruit you like that I love break free, and I usually put sugar on it though Oh juice doesn’t have sugar sir oh. So sour I don’t I even gave us extra chug hey great or a plate pretty you know order another month yes we might have to worry about this most. But I salute you artwork that was good yeah that was so good done Jasmina off to Italy. So excited, I’m so excited to see like carve our website up there on the list of things I don’t want to say, and let me decided to get some real pizza oh yeah pizza pasta we have to do it uh-huh pizza pasta party pizza pasta party Zapata party pizza pasta hi hey ready let’s go guys we found our first taste of the Christmas markets they’ve set something up at the train station this is so cool quickly running.

So I can post the tree before we have to go wow, I’m pretty sure this is bought by Swarovski oh my goodness those are all diamonds hanging up there hate to think how much they cost them to make this tree Cinderella’s slipper early tonight is the night that they light up all of Zurich we missed it by literally five hours yeah it’s this was AA ski tree that’s all made out of those diamonds. So I’d hate to host across sparkling what a find no that’s it sparkling yeah it’s amazing I need to wake up what train. Because tomorrow’s I’ve called ow sheets woman Ventana block hammer, and wishes you a pleasant journey next stop. So so excited that the trains going to go right through Zuri, I’m righteous whistling. So, I’m pretty sure is yours right near the top of Switzerland it must be that our train is like going right through Switzerland there’s 22 stops in like 22 stops, and the 21st cell is Alice Switzerland, and the 20 seconds not oh wow yeah. So late comer must be really close to the border. So it’s left yeah yeah probably really beautiful there what if you can see the Alps I decided I hope we have good weather there cuz I know you like I’ve been looking at some type of storms coming which is going to make it snow in Zurich, and Munich, and hopefully not too wet in Italy the moment.

But we’ve had such good weather here. So we have to be lucky. So far you see that is. But, I’m very excited to look outside this window all day how long’s our train trip, I’m going to change over in three hours time yeah. So we’re going to get some work done I mean laptop club time plus clear playing her stupid just me doing work okay if you can see that’s Cupid piano game we’re still is SHG I know I do love it. But it is stupid just wasting our entire life. So cute hey that’s awfully cool like that, I’m so cute snapchat imagine linking in that little town that’s so cute oh look at the war room out there sorry cute look at you looking out, I’m sorry what’s that look at this little play was called all to come back here, and visit this down this is so cute this is why one time I want to come back to you it with a car, and we drive through the Weisse wasn’t. So expensive I know I was trying to show it. So right behind these is this big mountain imagine these when they covered in snow State oh the amazing. So pretty, I’m so glad we get to see this I trying to look how blue the sky is so lucky look at this it’s incredible since Allah eating some Swiss chocolate on our journey through Switzerland we just stopped off at a place called at bellinzona we’re still in Switzerland, and we’re now jumping on another train that takes an hour to a place called just Chiara or Piazza, and then from there we catch a 5-minute train that takes us out of Switzerland, and internally. So literally from the border of Switzerland twenty-five minutes to quarry where we see Italy, I’m just like a bit chilly here I feel like we’ve elevated up. Because yeah yeah, and how cute our little town right up there with the mountains it’s a cool little spot that train ride is one of those beautiful train rides I’ve ever done 100 was like it was so hard to edit posts. Because I kept wanting to look out oh. So nice I thought it was done it was our guys finish the Bachelorette she found season three though oh there’s no Ellis please actually by the time you see this, I’ll probably what a finish the season you probably will it still. So amazing outside, I’m so excited seriously girls I should look all the buildings up there we will always take a step let’s go back to all righty guys we’re now here this was born on Swiss Florida, and we just need catch one more train, and then we’re pretty much is going to be there. So I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just around the corner we just have to go to the Italian side of this lake I hope the Sun still up by the time we get there all righty we just got to Como, and our first spot in Italy yes it is like quarter to 5:00 at night, and this is why we have moved south. So we had a bit more daylight yeah we’re just pretty much walking over to a hotel, and then we’re going to dump our bags, and then go find some food all right guys we just checked into our room, and we are now going to go, and find some food it’s currently five o’clock we haven’t eaten since breakfast. So we’re pretty hungry, and we want to see how close we are to the lake I guess like Lake Como um, and yeah check out what that looks like when the moon hits your eye like a bigger pizza pie that’s amore.

So we just went to what we thought was a grocery store I don’t even know what to call it. But my closest thing would be I don’t know like a food court they’re like different stations you go one station food bread want to be amides it was mostly meat based. So you actually get some rolls, and some cheese yeah I think we’re going to go walk down to the water, and make ourselves something to eat guys we got to hungry we literally walked out of the spot, and we decided to study eating. But we found like a little fort or something, and you can walk through it you’re gonna go check it out, and hopefully take us to the lake yeah – ah how cute are these streets oh you dropped the chip polluted guys we’ve made it to them oh here we not even are we gonna keep that we’re just made guys we’ve made it to the lake, and we think we found a gondola hang on nervous the Internet are you out there not my thing up there maybe is like a little gondola that takes you to the top I hope. But we are literally on the edge of the water wait I don’t know you can’t even see it. But we found like a jetty as you can see we found a jetty here, and we are just looking at the lake it’s so beautiful can’t wait to see it during the day where can you see a face again yay we’re gonna take a drone out here tomorrow yeah oh yeah I fly drone around here. But it is beautiful I do living at the top of those mountains I wish that you could see with your own two eyes.

Because it’s just different it’s really like lights over there there must be a little little city oh sorry nice wowza wowza that’s a new expression. So beautiful guy Italy is amazing we’ve been in here for about an hour or something like that not even okay I mean you know sorry beautiful I can’t wait to see what this looks like in the daytime was at night it’s very dark out here actually there they don’t light up the lake that much no it’s not both on the right now, and the lakes just here, and I think we’re going to go back to our hotel room now yeah um finish up eating, and then chop them oh it is, and looks like Christmas not gonna come. So maybe we’re going to be huge for these Christmas markets worth to look it up I can I can see all those little shop things a Christmas market stuff hey yeah let’s general run over this road, and we have to get while we’re here pasta pizza ice cream gelato we have to it is rezoned Oh an expresso yes under like an asshole topped up beads he it’s like a little Christmas school way I could yes they do on the camera is hard to see Spencer section though there was no word perception. But well what is the word respect perspective it’s hard to see perspective it’s a little garden they’re still walking through a little way to get to the end did the dip to be a bit did they just go back to the room, and I realize we totally forgot to show you guys around now when do we booked this place like yesterday yes like actually yesterday like actually is yeah. So deciding what information email came through this mall oh wow okay. So we were on we weren’t like contra social we water to go, and I was like ah let’s see if there’s any place available in Como, and we found it was a Best Western available 20 minutes kind of walk away from the water which is really nice. But on to the Stevens in my room which is already a mess here.

But we’re just like kind of unpacking, and stuff. So. But they don’t care it is quite messy, and then we go like a little bathroom in here, and this is clear his room aka our living room we’ve decided. Because we’ve got the workstation for Steven clean, and I can chill here with our bread oh my gosh oh she looks. So big gonna do ahead okay, and yes this is gonna be the communal hangout area aka also clear as broom sorry clear she doesn’t want to be alone any bs we are going to stay in Como for two days. So we pretty much have all day tomorrow to see Como, and I feel like, I’ll work out like a big itinerary today, and I think we can get most of it done yeah check out as much of Como as we can it was nice to see at night it is quite pretty whoo oh it’s very pretty Holly citrus cinnamon roll is also really being put off you get your head. So big they look.

So like fresh-baked made by an Italian or bread look at that that’s good bs we need we now need to write a blog post edit some posts, and then we’re probably going to wake up quite early make sure we can see lots of coromoto we want to take the drawing down to the lake, and show you the lake more. Because I feel like the lights like the best bit here it’s so pretty especially in the day as she would have seen quite a bit of it or a bit of the lake when we were posting outside the blender on the train right, and they look. So pretty when we’re in the Train they got to see quite a bit of the late do you feel mad yeah look. So nice hey um yes no I just had eaten the rest of our dinner, and I think that’s a bit more work do some work watch a movie I kind of want to watch after we get our stuff done watch straight out of Compton to watch there with me sure okay cool oh, and then one those two we’re actually probably Antonia okay watch out man you know alright we’re gonna go out tomorrow you can see all Como expect dry footage expert very pretty place it’s there hopefully nice sunny weather book bye guys we’ll see you tomorrow bye okay do you know what to do as an arrow you second Isis, and then no, and I will get.

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