Hey guys how you doing today still got an amazing view it’s like all cleared up yes. But we’re back on the road we’re leaving the hotel, and we’re heading straight to Lake Louise make Louise, and Banff National Park. But I think there’s a spot before we get too late oh geez yeah that’s what I want to start with. So we’ve been trying for like an hour, and we have this place called Rogers Pass, and ready well now is the natural breach, and we’re officially in the rocking that’s the bridge, and the water flows down very kawaii, and we had to change our watches for an hour later at Seoul I wish I was a little bit taller.


So every got myself into the record. So I wouldn’t have to holler excuse me, I’m sorry, I’m only five six stop the drinks for the fix to ring me up in it. So I can see the Whitney premiere there amongst you, and you can tell me for a second I will always she’s my girl away was that CCR soon then go back up the ladder. But not too bad hey guys. So we just made it to Alberta always train we’re just stopping for lunch at Lake to the wheat village, and then we’re going to Lake Louise we always. So have with talent apology look at the size of them look at the size of that ticket though just arrived at Lake Louise now. But a lot of people this lake is like the peach I’ve always wanted to say this like.

So many tourists. So many people this like it’s crazy I can see why they’re always just behind me the famous Fairmont Chateau, and then the lake is over this herb we’re gonna go do a hike ride around the lake, and it’s cool people are canoeing in the lake, and stuff Belem are so we’ve seen the lake, and now we’re just going for a hike just around the corner to see what’s at the end now this is the tale of a girl who lived in the faraway land she dreamed of being a star was Delta cars not in the hand sure guys we’re gonna go check out the Fairmont acheté home unfortunately on staying in it the way she was saying yes 100 big ones, and I imagine like the view that view though the gift kids hoping the darkness looking for a glimmer or shimmer to guide them through the night when they’ve got a chance it’s just getting hit no slimmer her dreams man pattern improves today resembled that we just got to moraine lake which of hopefully is nicer than Lake Louise. So we’re excited. But he was saying this like a pile of rocks just here well along, and we climb it tells you guys we just made it to the top, and it’s so, and I it Erica that’s definitely nicer than Lake Louise. But again it was just very cloudy when we’re at Lake Louise it was hard to see how nice it was. But this is definitely a nice Lake if you’re around the area moraine lake area I would come out of my weight yeah it was only like a 15-minute drive from Ben I mean from Lake Louise Wow sorry nice alright guys. So we just got too bad, and we are stopping, and going straight up the Banff gondola, and it’s a really good day well luckily it’s cleared up.

Because before we were shots is very cloudy. But the clouds are high enough to get a view. But first we need some coffee no matter in the gondola just quickly Stephen dropped his big expensive camera just before we came on this he is a bit shaken up I knew it was like I heard my wide angle, and I’ve had entitled it, and we walked out, and it just. So he’s big lens fell off luckily the camera isn’t broken. But the lens is sorry Kim. But it won’t fit on yeah won’t go back on we’re gonna have to Google tonight. But anyway I just thought, I’ll quickly let you guys know what happened all right now we’re going up a gondola sir in Banff, and the Sun has come out which was sorry happy about we haven’t seen the Sun all day.

Because it’s been really cloudy. But luckily we’re gonna get nice visibility this reminds me a lot of what we went up grouse mountain. But what we’ve been up there we need to go in a giant gondola first of all we need some people, and also that was so much mess we saw no view. But today we get a nice private bungalow I mean, I’m cool come on, and laugh we just save it, and I, and there’s my mist yeah sorry, I’m very excited to get to the top we go 2,000 meters high country I think you think 2,300 meters that’s high, and as you saw before we went into the Starbucks we were at is the highest Starbucks in Canada that’s crazy yeah we love ourselves we do undermine. So long, I’m so glad that’s working for you or at least the camera or you don’t know that’s what I thought also gone oh it’s a camera. But luckily it’s just the lens. But Wow look, I’m sorry I dropped this I dropped this to camera, and the new user of the big camera we drop the camera the lens like he didn’t put it on properly, and the lens fell off anyway let’s enjoy you ready yeah let’s enjoy how incredible is the VA well, I’m really gonna hide.

So, I’m trying to call, I’m trying to be calm, I’m trying to get it together. But actually to the top the mist is coming in a bit feel the cold it is freezing up here. Because I. So high up in slide flopping in the wind Oh cold guys. But getting to the top of this mountain whatever you’re called, and mountain we’re gonna call you all right we’ve added to the top absolutely breathtaking we found out by the way the assault the mountain just in case you were wondering mm. But you catch the Banff gondola that’s why I thought it yeah anyway yeah. So beautiful views if you ever embarrassed do it like oh yeah it’s 40 bucks to come up.

But it’s got amazing views it’s definitely worth it twenty dollars if you’re under fifteen don’t worry if you’re under five. So if you five-year-old viewers out there we need you watch us we are your cousins anyway we are heading to the hotel, and then we’re gonna grab some food cause, I’m starving, I’m actually noticed to go down oh my god, I’m gonna see it their anticipation I hate this post just got into our hotel room we’re at the baths International Hotel quickly show you the room. But uh two minutes in the bathroom this one for we’re gonna quickly go, and I’ve got to say you wanna grab some food for dinner we’d be hungry yes give it the keys to get in yes we’ve just like to spend the last like a lot snapchatting robach we are way too obsessed you guys keep like sending us snapchats, and it’s awesome. Because we like getting to see everyone that watches so much fun yeah you guys like they see stuff on you should um if you do snapchat us back you should put cuz like people’s names are on there. But sometimes it’s not kind of a user name you should tell us like your actual names we can notice you in the comments, and stuff – yeah a face to a name there can that’s really cool remember it’s flying the next if you haven’t added us yet we were obsessed. But thanks so much for reading guys gives the thumbs up you’ve enjoyed this amazing if you enjoyed those amazing lakes, and those mountain views, and tomorrow we’re going on a glacier that’ll be Austin so much fun yes. So we’ll see you guys tomorrow thanks so much for reading, and we go if you’re new here hit comment, and also snap shot at us.

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