Most Beautiful Temple in Myanmar

Hey everybody, and welcome to Myanmar we’re here at a monastery school, and I had to get up to watch the Sun Rise it is about just after 7 o’clock, and all the kids just come into school. But Wow me, and MA I will give it to you you can do a damn good sunrise it’s pretty busy at the moment. Because it’s first thing in the morning, and also time. So everyone’s getting ready I feel a bit of a nose that’s why this movie. So quickly this is like a good place to breakfast order some pancakes a different topic that’s all, and actually quite good with like honey yes I seriously cannot get over how incredibly cheap this country is six of us went out for breakfast see all those ordered multiple meals I think we ought to pancakes me ordered some sort of like bean dish you guys wouldn’t get it it all came to five dollars five Australian dollars for the six of us with coffee with green tea multiple meals okay let’s go see a bit more off handle yes yes you.

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So I like I represent yourself alrighty first up on today’s little sightseeing tours we come to the mandalay palace which is really interesting. Because it’s right in the central of the military base where it actually allows the post coming in, and we’re really only allowed to post inside the Grand Palace they’ve got it’s got a bit of a kind of an area. But we’re going to go show you it looks beautiful okay guys just imagine this is a drying shop some flan okay I might’ve just try to do my first little cheeky hyperlapse I don’t know it’s going to turn out. But, I’ll put it in anyway let me know if you want to see more of them looking around here most of these eyes are made out of wood or I see some like metal roofings of an ax painted gold. So it looks like they did use cheaper materials. But it gives it a different character or interesting to look how dead this place is just really just uh you found like a clock tower then oh how many steps it is that pretty decline all these stairs yeah for a hundred, and fifty steps 100 rupees if my body was not real it also good too yeah look at you can really see the whole palette oh we didn’t need the drone Wow oh my gosh looks like important design like a Chinese or Japanese genesee talk like amazing okay guys a little bit of a hipster alert. But it feels really cool to come here before there are so many mass tourists I mean if you walked around Angkor Wat there’d be.

So many tourists around, and literally walking around this Grand Palace, and there’s no one here there’s a few monks disaster, and a couple other tourists. So definitely try to get here I mean be. So interesting to watch this post in like 20 years time to just see the changes around the towers to see how many more tourists they will be here I think we found where all the food has come to hang out we just here at the local market the main one can Myanmar in Mandalay totally forgot to bring it all with us. So we want to get a towel maybe some food, and I am a it’s a senator Anika I have been walking it down, and brining the other that’s that’s the paint, and they put on their skin yeah a lot of you were asking us what what has everyone got on their faces, and this is it they use it as a sunscreen like it’s a beauty, and some stranger humanness mouth yeah I can smell it thank you very beautiful very beautiful there was a Lili salad seaweed seaweed is that the Burmese I really like hmm there’s a green fire all the Copiah yeah Myanmar that I really have a dock for the boat this poor boy is connected here, and this is how we’re going to go get on Monica’s going to show it how she does it. So easily all right okay the liquidly excited see how it does it are you going there yes you made it is more this is the first boat or the first job something we need to keep on you know raelia thank you so much yeah Hey everybody today we have jumped on the boat gone across the river, and when armed these greens, and green dominguin know if, I’m pronouncing that right. But looks like our over the right eye like a half. But come in my garden habitat I know how we’d only have care of a stretchy joke.

But if you know the exact same thank you thank you just for some super that’s delivery driver thank you so much bye well that was an experience we just arrived at our first pagoda, and oh my goodness this is one of the most beautiful temples I’ve ever seen it’s all light it is circular beautiful how beautiful is this place oh why this is one of the most unique temples I’ve ever seen by the way renting. So many photos. So about half way up, and the main kind of temple is just there, I’m going to go for a bit of a walk up there not too many steps I do like this temple feel like this is one of the temples that the view of the temple is better than the view comes whole I mean it is nice to see the area about the this temple is worth seen from the bottom guys come see this place put it on your 2018 bucket list I approve that’s only your carriage away final stop with a score it looks like Jordans an extreme rider right now we’ve just arrived at a huge unfinished together we have like the main reason why they come to this island. But this is the master I like we ever seen a temple to speak them don’t you remind you of Jordan how’s the seconds in a rock like it just is amazing is breathtaking right here like honestly I can’t describe the sheer size of this place. But 10 20 stories high it is just edges as you walk over to you just keep you in the face I was not honestly expecting that we walked up there expecting it to open up into a massive Grand Ballroom or or temple. But it was just that small little room nope radiation with the Buddha there you wouldn’t think it you wouldn’t thinking when you walk up to this gigantic building that is just a tiny little small room that you can walk inside however going to go for a bit of an explore they put some steps up yeah. Because I think before you could just casually walk around, and as you can see this place is just crumbling instead they put some stairs for us to walk up, and see the view it looks like they’ve actually put a gate up, and you can’t go any further maybe one day a vine all right guys we’re now meeting all the volunteers for dinner.

So I think we’re going to end up to you I hope you guys been enjoying these posts we’ve decided to put two days into one just. So them we have like time to edit all this up. Because we’re assuming a lot of stuff anyway the end of all here see you guys Murr in Myanmar night.

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