Most Beautiful Spot on The North Island Hot Water Beach Cathedral Cove Wild Kiwi

Oh I am so excited apparently there’s like 40 odd hop it hop he’s literally about to go from up there just casually starting the post in a rainforest you know with a waterfall we’ve just left Rotorua, and we’re heading up to coromandel, and I realized we didn’t even see the town of Rotorua no regrets though. Because we had an insane day yesterday he missed that blog check it out I think was one of the funnest days we’ve had in New Zealand. So far yeah we’re just starting to hate a waterfall versus cold people kayak yeah here’s one of the options you could have done it yesterday we couldn’t fit it all in fit people kayak or wiper river-rafting oh sorry, and it’s like a 7 meter drop, and it’s one of the highest what we’re asking from the world guys we just made a little quick stopover on our way to coromandel at a place called Turanga, and they’ll saying it’s kind of like the sunshine coast of Australia.

Most Beautiful Spot on The North Island Hot Water Beach Cathedral Cove Wild Kiwi Photo Gallery

So this place is it’s super popular in summer as you can see. Because the surf, and the beaches is really good here. But the best day to show it off to you guys. But the little town there we’ve got a mountain just their leisure Island back in the day it used to be a theme park for now not anymore I love all the menus on the surfboards thanks guys Aloha oh my god did you just eat the snack what is it bond if you can cross into this island when the tides to hide all these surfers just like chillin really looks like Hawaii. Because you have this mountain up there hey bubby hop Sowerberry we were in like my brain forces water pools, and I witnessed sitting on the car now nope yes oh I supposedly newzealand didn’t yes all righty guys we’ve arrived in the car Mandarin we’re staying in a little cute beach town chord who are hey I think that’s how you say it we sang in these cute little beach shacks of the beaches over there, and then this place is like full of these shacks all around and, I’m you know this is our little one, and there’s our bed. So we’ve got two beds I’ve got a kitchen, and a bit of storage, and a tiny little TV. But, I’m you know you need to go grab some shovels.

So I head to the beach you’ll see why in a sec it’s actually pretty cool you come down to hot water beach this place is famous for bringing down a shovel digging a hole, and out of the ground comes to really really hot water. So then you mix em up water with a bit of the seawater, and you have the perfect homemade spa test how hot it is it’s so hot really hot. But like unbearable I cry to meet some water yes. So now we have to wait for like a big wave to come in, and then cool it down a bit, and then it’s the perfect fast temperature how we intercept why is it. So I guess that’s why they call it hot water beach state like I was you can’t just come, and do this at any time of day a certain time are they to do with the tide, I’m sure you can just google it when your plan is head down we came down to the beach for life I wonder where we’re going like where’s the spot where the hot water comes out yeah found the spot this is a pretty local spot no one comes here. So you found out like this is where the hot water is pretty much coming out of just here. So you stepped in there that’s like almost boiling temperatures, and then we’ve made a little bit of a bath here, and then the water comes in to mix in.

So it’s nice, and long. But that is the evil bit just there it’s one of the most unique features we’ve been to it’s so crazy that we’re sitting in such hot water like look at that sometimes it like goes, and waves it gets really really hot Hey everybody it’s the next day we’ve woken up, and like 5:30 to do an hour hour, and a bit walk out to cathedral cove for the sunrise it’s a bit of a trek. But it’s totally worth it sunrise is in like half an hour, and this Beach is beautiful. But it’s this Cathedral here that we’re here for any post fans out there Chronicles of Narnia – they came in here which was kind of cool you ever look through this as a poll, and there’s an island through the other side. So it looks really cool ya see from the other side light come through okay this is actually huge definitely doesn’t show in photos the dark at the moment, I’ll show you guys again when it like lightens up at wow this thing is massive oh that is cool seriously waking up with sunrise is always. So worth that it’s always tough not gonna lie. But then once you like to make up here it’s so beautiful.

So the best time taking photographs as well this has kind of been really the only opportunity this week, I’ll wake up with sunrise to get to somewhere that’s epic we do come here, and do this trip make sure you know on the last day to wake up the Sun Rise this has been such an epic end to this week it’s definitely worth it guys I can’t believe at the end of the North has happened Wow with some people that’s that’s it the end of the trip for that Budwig was it worth waking up at 5:00 a.m. I’m glad we always tried to convince everyone to comment every time it’s always yeah I know we were complaining about the walk. But it is it’s such a beautiful hike back with Mario all righty guys seeing as it is the end of a northern part of our trip we decided we’re going to show you guys where we went in the last week just to give you guys a little bit more of perspective. So we started our trip here in Auckland, and then we drove all the way down to Raglan, and that is where we went, and did it surfing, and the next day we drove down, and then here are the caves where we saw the glow works, and then after the caves we made our way down Lake Tahoe. So there is the lake the big volcanic lake that we went to, and then we actually traveled all the way to the east coast down to Napier. So that is where we went, and did our wine tastings we made it all the way down here, and then we actually drove back up to Lake Tahoe, and that went up to Rotorua which was the smelly place, and orbitally, and then we actually drove all the way along the coast, and we’re finished here in coromandel.

So this is where the hot water beaches, and this is where the cathedral cove is, and now today we’re going to be driving back down, and then ending back in Auckland it’s like northern you see I am out here alone just asleep I need someone to talk to my keys all righty jumpin to the airport all righty North Island tick let’s go, and have some fun in the South Island yeah I won’t explain too much guys it’s really windy. But this is the first time I ever lost a dryer it is currently sitting notion employment.

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