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Hey everybody we thought to end our last day in Africa’s head down to the Zambezi River, and watch the Sun Rise, and it was so worth that that was one of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve ever seen we even arrived, and a hippo started yawning. Because this river this hippos, and crocodiles in here literally the river looks like a mirror that is beautiful what a way to send off Africa look at this epic bulb tree the big tree also say is between a thousand to fifteen hundred years old hey guys baby pumpers all right thank you have to show you these three okay you’re crossing all that to Zambia yes they’re going for the day awesome thank you so much shall be right it love it see ya cool see you guys later guys we’re currently nowhere we’re in like no-man’s land we provide just like Zimbabwe I’ve got a day trip to Zambia cuz it’s our last day in Africa, and we’re like we need to just we’re so close to Zambia we are on work though you’ll see how much we can post yeah we are working in zim, and Zambia beer with currently no-man’s land I think it’s like a 20 minute walk until we get to Zambia, and guess what no-man’s land is like the bridge across pitfalls yeah thing. So I think this is gonna be the most beautiful moments like we’ve ever walked I don’t know we have to watch out for monkeys, and baboons though they say they can attack see how that goes.

Most Beautiful Place In The World – ZIMBABWE Photo Gallery

But, I’m excited to show you guys the view I thought it was starting to rain. But it was the little we just ran into these guys, and they’re telling us that this is the bungee jump how can we go overlooked oh not yet okay if you guys have seen that post this is the bungee jump where some oh my it was beneath your own Australian girl, and she bungee, and then the cable came off, and she fell in there, and survived this is what happens who had happened guys take a look as her bungee cord snaps 60 feet above the water is this not the most beautiful no-man’s land though guys come back. Because the bungee jump hasn’t opened yet, and I think this afternoon we’re gonna walk past, and see if anyone does that. But that guy was literally have you seen the post where the person fella come do it it was like you need you need to improve your salesman techniques this is the last place, I’m gonna want to do it according to the government animals have a right of way we don’t see near Bavarians oh okay still looking at I haven’t seen any Zambia Zambia when the uber driver has one star yes, I’ll pick up by the way guys do you know how hard it is to get money in Zimbabwe last night at like 10 o’clock we try to go get some cash up for the visa. Because it’s 40 us to get in for the two of us 20 each we’re too good for ATMs. Because all of them were out of cash, and the ATM winter was like max you could take our $40 Wow I want to bury them. But can i order that uber actually, I’m happy with our very beautiful oh is that crocodile Oh hippo there are water blogs running all the way through.

So it’s intriguing currently counting how many elephants are moms dads babies you can see a baby which is cute Wow. So apparently identifying the elephants by looking at their likely notches, and they’re tough look what we found oh my gosh there’s so many of them in a baby as well wow this one’s so big Oh little baby, I’m so glad we saw some in the end oh my gosh Easter Lim back in Zimbabwe that was such a quick trip to Zambia we were already there for four hours we’re actually they’re learning about the elephant conservation they’re doing over there. But yes we’re back across the border, and we’ve come to this cafe called lookout cafe, and there’s a reason it’s called the bar cafe. Because are you ready for the lookout oh my god guys this looks amazing still that view can’t get over it just is this not the most amazing cafe we’ve ever been to, and it’s our last day in Africa. So it’s a nice way to end it arty this has been officially the most beautiful cafe we’ve ever been to don’t you Hey everybody we we love the view from the lookout cafe so much we decided to get up at 4 a.m. again to watch the sunrise, and then, I’m certainly going to miss these African Sun rises.

So incredible plus I brought a little friend with me who who might show us the view a bit better variety 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday let the traveling begin 26, and a half hours to go how are you good how are you this Tooting oh yeah alright alright thank you okay let’s do this welcome to Johannesburg South Africa everyone we’re back in Johannesburg where Johannesburg Airport welcome to Johannesburg Airport everyone for the billionth time Christmas just when you steal some, and then we can be proper rs without our fairy lights you know it’s a long layover if it’s showing flights up to 840 at night, and Perth is still not on there are you ready for a seven hour layover you’re so sorry woman have like a friend meet us, and stuff, and we’re going to meet a friend, and we got stuck in the like kind of international limbo Lodge. Because we didn’t get a visa I just message avenge it’s like, I’ll be there in half an hour oh my gosh did he message about where the worst friends ever first thing you do on a 7 hour layover is we need to find spot I wish the spot could have been the transit hotel that is really expensive. So I call coming to Christmas in Africa look at that we found this spot this is everything a spot needs we have a nice view a table, and the best beer guys quick update we kind of got kicked out of cafe. Because there was only. So many small things we could buy cuz we were.

So cool. So this is spot number two that spot number three will be bought in. So we’ll see you then guys, I’m sorry I lied this is place number three this is what happens when you have like how long how many hours at an airport like 11 hours EW. Because we spent like $50 on crap. So we can like use I guess not much 20 20 20 10. But it’s worth oh by the way let me just put the lounge’s to two weeks nice a dollar a week semester okay guys we’ve been up since 4:00 a.m.

to watch the Sun Rise it is now 10 to 9 which is 14 I hope you enjoyed this post I know it was over a few days. But our schedule is fit everywhere. But, I’m so exhausted give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed the post see you in pair you guys night.

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