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Moquegua Travel on The concepts of affective and emotional labor are often employed to grasp these specific forms of investment, valorization and exploitation of the subj ectivity of the workers, for instance, in the health care industry (Ducey, Gautney, and Wetzel 2003) or in such diverse cases as McDonald’s workers or life insurance sales agents (Leidner 1999). These concepts have a long history in feminism, where they have been part and parcel of the struggle to expand the category of labor to include more of its gendered forms (Weeks 2007,233)- The important book by Arlie Hoch-schild, TheManaged Heart (1983), is a landmark work in this regard. Focusing on the emotional labor of pink-collar workers, of which the flight attendant provides a paradigmatic example, Hochschild analyzes the management of emotions at the very heart of daily laboring processes. As Kathi Weeks comments, this produced an important shift in discussions of labor. The emotional work analyzed by Hochschild, she writes, requires not just the use but the production of subjectivity (Weeks 2007,241). Parallel to these processes, the gender composition of migration has also undergone dramatic changes in the last three decades, leading many scholars to speak of a feminization of migration (Castles and Miller 2003,9). It is important to note that women have always migrated, and not necessarily as wives and mothers. Moquegua Travel 2016.

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