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Montenegro Map on A later gunshot residue test (GSR) proved inconclusive as a positive result could be explained as being produced by the gun Blake carried for protection. The murder weapon, a Nazi-era .38-caliber Wal – ther PPK, was quickly found in a trash bin near where the actor parked his car, but criminalists were unable to lift prints from the freshly oiled weapon. The day after the killing, police armed with a search warrant entered Blake’s white stucco ranch-style house on Dilling Street and seized the clothing he wore the night before and other items. Harland Braun, the one-time star’s high-power attorney best known for his involvement with LAPD beating suspect Rodney King, immediately launched a media offensive. He revealed Bakley’s disturbing mail order scam, hired private investigators to pore over her business records recov – ered in the guest house at the Mata Hari Ranch, and released audiotapes to various press outlets in which the con artist was heard talking to a friend about how best to play the birth of her child vis-?-vis her dealings with Christian Brando and Robert Blake. Braun maintained that while the Bakley-Blake union was not a typical example of normal love, the couple’s relationship had been improving at the time of her murder. Montenegro Map 2016.

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