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AMMONIUS the MONK Baltes: Gnomon 56 1984 207, that the question of the relationship between the first principle and intelligence-being was debated in Ammonius’s school but not resolved in a univocal and definitive way. That this problem was the object of discussion in the Platonic schools of the time has been rightly shown by Whittaker regarding Origen, C. Cels. VII, 38: VChr 23 1969 92 = Studies in Platonism and Patristic Thought, London 1984, XIII. Plotinus and Origen the Neoplatonist seem to have taken different directions: while Origen remained more faithful to the letter of Ammonius’s teaching without developing its implications, Plotinus seems to have taken to its extreme consequences what may have been implicit, but not yet clearly stated, in Ammonius’s doctrine of the first principle see esp. Drrie: TRE 2, 470. J. Freudenthal, PWK I, 2, 1863; H.R. Schwyzer, PWK XXI, 1, 477-481; Id., Ammonios Sakkas, der Lehrer Plotins, Opladen 1983; H. von Arnim, Quelle der berlieferung uber Ammonius Sakkas: RhM 42 1887 276-285; E. Zeller, Ammonius Sakkas und Plotin, AGPh 1894 295-312 = Kleine Schriften II, Berlin 1910, 91-107; Die Philosophie der Griechen  III, 2, Leipzig 41903, 500-512; F. Heinemann, Ammonius Sakkas und der Ursprung des Neuplatonismus: Hermes 61 1926 1-27; R.E. Witt, The Hellenism of Clement of Alexandria: CQ 25 1931 195; E. Seeberg, Ammonios Sakkas: ZKG 60 1941 136-140; H. Drrie, Ammonios, der Lehrer Plotins: Hermes 83 1955 439-477 = Platonica minora, Munich 1976, 324-360; Id.: TRE 2, 453- 471; H. Langerbeck, The Philosophy of Ammonius Saccas: JHS 77 1957 67-74; Id., Die Verbindung aristotelischer und christlicher Elemente in der Philosophie des Ammonius Saccas: AAWG phil. inst. Kl. 69 1967 146-166; E.R. Dodds, Numenius and Ammonius, in Les sources de Plotin, Geneva 1960, 24- 32; K.O. Weber, Origenes der Neuplatoniker: Zetemata 2, Munich 1962, passim; W. Theiler, Ammonius der Lehrerdes Origenes, in Forschungen z. Neoplatonismus, Berlin 1966, 1-45; S. Lilla, Clement of Alexandria, Oxford 1971, 4-5, 223-226; F.H. Kettler, War Origenes Sch¼ler des Ammonios Sakkas?, in Epektasis, Mlanges patristiques offerts   J. Danilou, Paris 1972, 327-334; Id., Ammonius Sakkas und Porphyrius, in Kerygma und Logos, Festschrift C. Andresen, Gttingen 1979, 322-328; R. Goulet, Porphyrius, Ammonius, les deux Orig¨ne et les autres: RHPhR 57 1977 471-495; M. Baltes, recension of Schwyzer, Ammonius Sakkas: Gnomon 56 1984 204-207; F.M. Schrder, Ammonios Sakkas: ANRW II 36,1, Berlin-New York 1987, 483- 526 detailed presentation of the entire question regarding Ammonius, with discussion of the theses of earlier scholars; complete bibl., 523-526. E. Elorduy’s works on Ammonius Saccas whom he identified with ps.-Dionysius the Areopagite, a hypothesis that has found no acceptance are listed by H. Drrie: Hermes 83 1955 440 nn. 2 and 3.

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MONK Baltes: Gnomon

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