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Mondol Kiri Travel on BIBLIOGRAPHY. The CIA World Factbook 2002; Sayed Qasim Reshtya, The Price of Liberty: The Tragedy of Afghanistan (Bardi Editore, 1984). ARTHUR HOLST, PH.D. WIDENER UNIVERSITY Afrocentrism AT THE SURFACE LEVEL, Afrocentrism is a variation on ethnocentrism in general and Eurocentrism in particular, designed to circumvent the inherent flaws of both, and yet to disclose and assert the self-reflective African consciousness. Based on a worldview that is derived from an ideologically constructed African perspective based on African ideals such as balance and harmony, Afrocentrism calls for literally, placing African ideals at the center of any analysis that involves African culture and behavior. Though, simply put, it means looking at world with African eyes whose gaze is inspired by African experiences, its exponents are careful to qualify that To be an African is not necessarily to be Afrocentric. Mondol Kiri Travel 2016.

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