Mma Fights In China, Malaysia, The Philippines And Thailand

You can easily get both K-1 style and MMA fights throughout Asia if you are a foreigner and in good shape – you just need a hookup. MMA in Asia is getting huge and one thing that every fight promoter is looking for is international variety. Having fighters from all around the world on their cards make the productions look prestigious and exciting. Imagine if One FC only had Malaysia vs. Malaysia fights, or SFL (Super Fight League) only had India vs. India – no one would watch their fights. The same goes in China.

Mma Fights In China, Malaysia, The Philippines And Thailand Photo Gallery

Their ideal card would be filled with China vs. USA, China vs. England and China vs. Japan. Even as a beginner, as long as you are from a foreign country and are willing to fight, you’ll find a fight somewhere if you look around. The best places to find fights are through Facemy blog. ‘Like’ as many MMA gym’s posts as you can so you can get updates. I get ‘Fighters Wanted’ posts at least once a month on my feed. After that you can email owners of gyms. All MMA gym owners have some type of hookup to fight productions. Obviously, if you are in the area, get to know the gym owners in person and try to train out of a gym that has connections.

But even if you’re doing it online, just send them: 3 photos, your record/experience, weight class/classes, height, age, style and location. The most important factor for getting MMA Fights in other countries would be your location and how cheap they can fly you into their country. One of the good things about Phuket and Bangkok is that it’s relatively cheap for the promoters to fly you to China, the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. If they need to fly you from the U.S.A. or Canada they won’t do it unless you already have a big name.

If you are willing to travel on your own money tell the gym owners to pass that info along; chances are you’ll get lots of fights. The other two ways to get fights is to know fighters and promoters directly. Simply hanging out with Will ‘the kill’ Chope got me offers without me even looking for them. I wasn’t ready to fight MMA but got offered a fight in China against an English boxer, so I figured it’d be boxing verses Muay Thai mainly – so I took it. I’ve done a bit of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (and wrestled throughout high school) so I figured even though I haven’t been training for MMA, I’d do it just for the experience. What I learned from that, however, is until you get a contract it’s just talk. The English guy ended up backing out and they found two different fighters in a lower weight class to fill the spot. Going to shows as a part of fighter’s entourage or being their corner men also help you meet fight promoters. I have a couple added on my Facemy blog now that put up blasts once in a while looking for fighters.

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