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Missouri Travel on Yet they uphold the chivalrous code of their society, which includes for example the duty of hospitality and the sanctity of the oath, and there will always be certain things which are outside their dike on grounds of noblesse oblige. Once the notion of obligation is introduced, however, its extension is easy and inevitable, and will vary according to individual preference. If the Homeric gods exhibit a mixture, to us almost incomprehensible, of irresponsible power and crude moral ideas, there is no need to separate the passages which emphasize the one or the other and assign them to different periods. The mixture was there all the time, and only serves to strengthen their resemblance to the Homeric basileus, for in him alone is that peculiar combination repeated. Note. An addendum to the discussion of the word dike may be of interest. Plato wrote his greatest work ostensibly for no other purpose than to discover what it (or its close correlative dikaiosyne) meant. Missouri Travel 2016.

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