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Minneapolis/St. Paul Map Tourist Attractions on More historically important for the U.S. motion picture industry, the whole shocking affair ushered in the studio moguls' appointment in 1922 of Will H.Hays, a former Postmaster General under President Warren G.Harding.

As head of the Motion Picture Pro ducers and Distributors of America, Inc.

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Hays was charged with improving the tattered image of the industry in the face of public outcry for some form of outside censorship.Minneapolis/St. Paul Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

I parked at the end of one of the long cargo sheds and sat in the drizzle waiting for the ship to berth.

The company had given me a choice of a rail warrant or having the equivalent in cash expenses to make my own way, I chose the latter. I was staying with my parents who had moved to Oxfordshire, and the train journey would have been too fractured. The ship represented a promotion for me in that I would be joining as second officer.

The continuing officer shortage meant that many officers were often serving a rank up.

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