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Midwest Travel on This is the fact which the researches of anthropologists have put beyond doubt, and for which they have provided a wealth of authentic examples. To speak of the Greek religious genius, and say that it does this or that, is of course to be guilty of a misleading generalization. To say that it was loth to let even the oldest elements disappear without trace means only that in fact the oldest elements have not so disappeared. There is no one thing, the Greek genius, which like a single person accepts the new without relinquishing the old. I make a point of this correction here because I want not only to call to mind this coexistence of diverse elements, but also to attempt to explain it. The explanation lies in this very fact, that the Greek genius was not something single and simple, but complex. Before the history of Greece begins, before the Greeks as we know them existed, a series of invading peoples from north or east had successively overrun and possessed themselves of the peninsula. Midwest Travel 2016.

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