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Micronesia, Fed. States of Map on Under the alias J.E. Selby Lees wrote episodes for the television programs Rawhide, Flipper, and ironically given future events, Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Lee’s longtime friend, Helen Colton, arrived to pick him up for a social function to discover the scriptwriter’s bloody and headless corpse lying under a comforter with a big heavy drawer on top of him. Police theorized that the random killer decapitated Lees, hopped a backyard fence between the properties carrying the writer’s head, and murdered Engelson. A massive manhunt in the surrounding Hollywood neighborhood culminated in a televised news conference on June 15 in which police showed a photograph of 27- year-old drifter, Kevin Lee Graff. Within minutes of the broadcast, a security guard at nearby Paramount notified police that a man answering to that description was currently outside the studio’s front gate talking to himself and making obscene gestures at passing cars and pedestrians. Micronesia, Fed. States of Map 2016.

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