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Miami Subway Map on Jones, conveniently unavailable for the subsequent inquest, issued a press statement in which he announced Bern had a medical problem that caused him to be impotent. Dr. Jones later told the press, Bern’s suicide was due to an acute melancholia and nervous strain which developed into a mania. Fuelled by MGM’s publicity machine, it became common knowledge that Bern’s genitalia were so undersized he could not engage in sexual intercourse. The cryptic lines in Bern’s suicide note referring to the frightful wrong and the mysterious last night was only a comedy could then be interpreted as guilt, embarrassment, humiliation, and 27 Bern frustration over his inability to sexually satisfy his wife, who also happened to be the most desirable woman in movies. Harlow, not Bern, was the offended party. Sam Marx, a story editor for Irving Thalberg and Paul Bern’s friend, offered an alternative theory of the case in his important book, Deadly Illusions: Jean Harlow and the Murder of Paul Bern (1990), which accounts for many of the facts initially given to police by witnesses later hushed by MGM. Miami Subway Map 2016.

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