Miami Beach For Families, Not Just For Spring Breakers And Retirees

Some places can get a reputation as being the go-to destination for holidaymakers of a certain type or age group. This means that you can sometimes make the mistake of overlooking what could be a great venue for your next vacation simply because of what you think the place is like, rather than finding out yourself.

Miami Beach is a great example of this, as it is probably best known as a bit of a party playground for spring breakers and retirees who are looking for some fun in the sun.

If you are looking for a family vacation with loads of things to do for the kids and beautiful beaches to explore, then Miami Beach definitely ticks more boxes than you might have thought.

Family fun.

Head to Miami with the kids and you will find a place that is crammed with memorable and unique experiences that help to make your holiday special, with plenty of attractions, beaches, family-friendly dining and activities to make it a vacation to remember.

There are normally plenty of tours and excursions going on that are aimed at family fun and you will be able to find lots of free things to do with the kids, which always helps.

Miami has two National Parks, some interesting museums and of course, some great beaches to enjoy with your family when the sun is shining, which is most of the time when you consider that Florida is known as the Sunshine State.

The great outdoors.

Once you have sorted out a family-friendly vacation base and booked your hotel accommodation through someone line Hipmunk, you can set about planning some cool outdoor adventures with the kids.

South Beach.

You will soon discover that this iconic strip of sand that sits between the Atlantic and Ocean Drive is not just for the adults.

The Miami Beach Boardwalk offers plenty of space for some rollerblading and biking whilst the beach is great for watersports, and you can soon find a spot on the beach to even build a sandcastle with the kids or just relax in the sun.

Don't forget to head to Haulover Park for Foodtruck Tuesday. Every Tuesday evening between 5pm to 9pm, a huge variety of food trucks line up to sell you a monster burger or fish tacoa.

You can also combine education with fun if you head over to Arch Creek Park Eco-Adventures, which is located in the Miami metro area. The family can all enjoy an eco-adventure tour under the guidance of one of the naturalists, so that the kids can learn about all the animals, birds and plants that are native to the area.

Free activities.

When you come to Miami in the summer, there will be times when you probably want to have a break from the beach or maybe get out of the sun for an afternoon.

The fact that there are plenty of free activities to consider in the area, makes it sound even better for most parents.

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You could for example, plan a trip to the Miami Children's Museum, which promises a dynamic hands-on experience for the kids.

Entry to the museum is free for everyone on the third Friday of each month, so put it in your plans if you are in the area.

There is plenty of free outdoor fun available every day of the week if you head to somewhere like the Biscayne National Park, where under 2's are always free and Family Fun Fest offers free entry on the second Sunday of each month.

Exploring the area.

You can get to see so much more when you explore an area on foot or bike, rather than jumping in the car.

South Beach offers so many different interesting places to head to for some family fun and great dining as your reward for these activities, which is why plenty of visitors simply leave the driving to the busses and cabs.

A good car-free plan would be a walk along Lummus Park, which runs along the beach on Ocean Drive, or join the bike or in-line skaters if you prefer. You can also get around the city using the Baywalk, which is fun to explore on bike and easy to use if you have a stroller.

If you are an energetic family and want to sample some aerobic adventures, you might want to take everyone to Sunny Isles Oleta River State Park, where bikes, canoes and kayaks are all available for hourly rental and there are some awesome off-road bike trails if you prefer to stay on dry land.

Pay a visit to Miami Beach and you will quickly realise that this is an area that is not just a playground for the over 21's.

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