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Mexico City Map Tourist Attractions on Bulls had even managed to bring prices above it, but then met with serious opposition. In the skirmishes that followed, a bearish M-pattern took shape (2-6) in support of the round number and the ascending pattern line coming up from the Asian low. The 6-7 follow-up shows the bullish efforts to undo the implications, but alas, the conditions spoke in favor of the bears. By the time bar 8 closed bearishly below the pattern line, the M-pattern had turned into its more dangerous cousin, the Mm-pattern (2-8) . Since the pressures clearly pointed south, bar 8 qualified as a signal bar for sell-side purposes. The first few bars in the EU Open were printed bullishly (9- 10) and featured signs of a mini W-pattern middle-part. This may have been reason to exit the short on the break of bar 10, but we cannot blame a bear for sticking it out in the hopes of a favorable triple coming to the rescue (2 5ema, round number and breakout test) . Mexico City Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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