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BONIFACIUS, primicerius notariorum. Pope John I in 525 turned to Bonifacius, primicerius notariorum, and to Bonus secundicerius to fix the date of Easter 526. They consulted the Scythian monk Dionysius, who in a letter recommended adoption of the Alexandrian cycle of 19 years, fixing Easter 526 at 19 April. In the letter Ad Iohannem papam de ratione paschali PL 67, col. 513ff., Bonifacius suggested that the pope conform to that cycle. CPL 2286, 2289; B. Krusch, Papsttum und Kaisertum. Forschungen P. Kehr – A. Bruckman, Munich 1926, 48-58; DTC 11, 1963; PCBE 2, 331.

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