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Mendoza Travel on This rriultiscalar expansion of struggles (including the Occupy movement, the Indignados, and the continuations of the Arab revolutions) involved translation as a necessary moment. A continued encounter with the untranslatable supplied resources for the strengthening of revolts and a fabrication of the common that came into being precisely through the con- frontation with borders. This remains true despite the changes experienced by these movements as they mutated, faced postrevolutionary regime changes, began new social initiatives beyond the staging of occupations, and temporarily disappeared from the screens of the mainstream media. In the contemporary globalized and networked world, the problem of continuity and discipline in the organization of collective opposition to capitalism cannot be addressed without confronting the discontinuity and rupture implicit in practices of translation and bordering. Indeed, it is only from the constant and critical work of organization, or what we have called the labor of translation, that a new sequence of struggles is likely to emerge. Precisely in this grappling with borders, translation, in the political understanding of its heterolingual modality that we are proposing, always implies a transformation of subjectivity. Far from appealing to a sovereign machine of mediation or to a transcendental scheme, the workings of this kind of translation remain immanent to the constitution and proliferation of struggles. Mendoza Travel 2016.

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