Melbourne Subway Map

Melbourne Subway Map on By 1939, the 56-year-old mother was employed as a W.P.A. elocution instructor at Los Angeles City College, and served as secretary of the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’i. On June 27, 1939, the manager of the Hollywood rooming-house at 7058 Hawthorne Avenue where the former actress lodged with her 25- year-old son, Campbell McDonald, became alarmed when, after not seeing her tenant for two days, noticed a key hanging above the door of Campbell’s room. Entering, she found Campbell’s half-nude body sprawled across an unmade bed, her head shattered by multiple blows from a bloody claw hammer nearby on a pillowcase. Campbell’s night clothes were disarranged and two bloody handprints were found on her thighs. Melbourne Subway Map 2016.

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