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Mayaguez Travel on After the registration statement has been filed, the senior management team, the investment bankers, and the company’s lawyers go on a road show during which the management team will make multiple presentations each day to potential institutional investors—generally existing clients of the underwriters. During the presentations potential investors may ask questions, but the management team may not give out any information that is not already included in the registration due to a SEC mandated quiet period. The quiet period begins when the registration statement is filed and lasts for 25 days after the stock begins trading. After a presentation, the investment bankers will ask the investors for an indication of interest in the new company based on the range of offering prices shown in the registration statement. The investment bankers will record the number of shares that each investor is interested in buying. This process is called book building. If there are more investors interested in purchasing the company than there are shares available, then the offer is oversubscribed and the I-Bankers may increase the offering price, if there is little interest in the new company, then they may lower the offering price or withdraw the IPO. Mayaguez Travel 2016.

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