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Mauritius Country on Crawley has lost this kind of remembering. A blank spot obscures his memory, even though he remembers most things and can still remember and chant out long passages in Greek from the Greek tragedians. He cannot, however, remember where he got that check for twenty pounds. l began this chapter by citing passages that show how aIl members of the Barsetshire community are fascinated by Crawley’s memory lapse, turned toward it, focused on it, talking of nothing else, just as Crawley himself thinks of hardly anything else, cudgeling his brains constantly to try to remember. They aIl, induding Crawley himself, are fascinated by this blank place because aIl more or less tacitly understand how much is at stake. What is at stake is nothing less than the security of that general intersubjective transparency within which they aIl dweIl, as within a warm, reassuring, circumambient milieu. If even one absolutely opaque region in this pellucidity exists, one black hole, then the universality of this transparency is put in question. Mauritius Country 2016.

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