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Massachusetts Travel on above. VJohn xii, 24, 1 Cor. i, 15, 36. culture in Greece, raised to a position of Pan-Hellenic importance.1 Athens gave full official status to the mysteries, which were put under the charge of the King-Archon and a body of overseers (imficXrjTaL) of whom two were chosen from each of the priestly Eleusinian clans of the Eumolpidai and Kerykes and two from the whole Athenian people.2 A branch sanctuary, the Eleusinion, was built close under the Akropolis, where sacrifices were offered to Pluto and at the beginning of the great mysteries certain sacred objects from Eleusis were deposited, to be carried out again in the procession a few days later. So completely did Athens appropriate the mysteries that she found no difficulty in speaking of them as a purely Athenian institution, and thus they were made to serve, in the sort of way that is only too familiar to-day, the ends of her nationalist propaganda. Massachusetts Travel 2016.

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