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Maryland vacation spots on In the fall of 1958 Reeves was in New York City on a promotional tour for the series when he met and fell hard for Leonore (some sources cite Lenore) Lemmon, a sometime torch singer. Lemmon, 35, twice married and 18 years younger than Toni Mannix, had a hard-earned reputation as a shady character with a history of writing bad checks. In the early 1940s she was barred from the Stork Club for brawling. Reeves unceremoniously dumped Mannix and installed Lemmon in his house on Benedict Canyon Drive. Toni Mannix, devastated and still paying the bills on the home, became obsessed with the couple. Reeves alerted police the jilted woman was stalking him and making harassing phone calls. By mid?June 1959, the 45-year-old actor had not worked in two years and was living off residuals from the Superman series. Maryland vacation spots 2016.

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