Marijuana Tourism in The United States


If it seems like pot is everywhere right now, you’re not hallucinating – it is. Thanks to 420-enthusiast celebs such as Cara Delevingne, Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Aniston and Lady Gaga, marijuana is now the cool-girl vice of choice.

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As a result, weed paraphernalia is stepping up in style – and taking our obsession with anything crystal and ceramic to a new high. Case in point: the

Pleasure Point pipe, $203, Summerland, Pleasure Point pipe, which also manages to look pretty chic on your bedside table.

With legalisation drifting across the US, Europe and soon Canada, “cannatourism” – smoke-friendly destinations that give a whole new meaning to a “relaxed” holiday – is also at an all-time high. Since legalising the bud, marijuana-tourism searches went up by 299 per cent in California, 576 per cent in Maine and a huge 1,006 per cent in Massachusetts, according to Kush Tourism, one of the many travel companies (others include Bud And Breakfast and Canna Tours) specialising in 420-centric stays. Jumping on the back of this, the blueprint for America’s first “pot paradise” has been laid by American Green, which has purchased the gold rush desert town of Nipton, California, intending to turn it into a smokin’ green tourism destination offering THC-driven temptations for foodies and a bustling hospitality scene.

The company is comparing the rise in cannatourism to the early-1900s boom that put Nipton on the map. “The cannabis revolution in the US has the power to revitalise communities in the same way gold did during the 19th century,” says American Green’s president and CEO David Gwyther. While not all countries have made recreational use legal, many, like Jamaica, have decriminalised the drug and are also experiencing a new wave of blunt-chasing tourists. From Spain to Uruguay to Portugal, it’s never been easier to wake and bake with room-service munchies at your fingertips.


Some of the coolest hotel openings are making it hard to want to leave the confines of your room this holidaying season. At Soho House’s new Barcelona outpost, you needn’t even stretch your legs as far as the lobby bar – one of its bartenders will come around between 6pm and 9pm and knock up your cocktail of choice while you keep your slippers on. London’s The Ned is also going big with its in-room offerings -the “In Bed With Ned” package includes in-room massages and three-course dining, which you can enjoy in the Soho Home bathrobe they’ll gift you. (So, no need to pretend you “accidentally” packed it in your suitcase on the way out.)

From Liam Gallagher to Flume, this summer’s festival line-ups boast some huge names. But we’re looking to the next crop of stars – the artists you can say you saw before they were booked on the main stage. Here are six of our favourites from the lower end of the bill.

KOI CHILD If you’re yet to catch this Kevin Parker co-produced, ARIA-nominated hip-hop Fremantle on stage, you’ve been doing festivals wrong. Bursting with energy and talent, the brass-section-backed act is a true “festival band”, with tunes made for dancing on the grass under a summer sky.

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