Margarita Stand in Mexico Pavilion

You can get a variety of margaritas, frozen drinks, and Dos Equis beer. The Fiesta Margarita has multiple layers that resemble the colors of the Mexican flag, and it is especially good with the Pomegranate floater. Pomegranate Margarita $14.50, Patron Lime Margarita $14.50, Frozen Margaritas $9.50, Pomegranate Liqueur Floater $1.75, 3 Shot Tequila Flight $12.00, Dobel Reposasdo Tequilla Shot $11.00, Patron Blanco Tequila Shot $13.00, Herradura Blanco Tequila Shot $10.00 and Dos Equis Lager Draft Beer, 20 oz. $8.00.

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Drink Around the World Showcase at Epcot Journey into Intoxication

Mexico has always been my favorite country to visit in Epcot. I Only a few of the very sick remained inside, lying in their carpet of vomit, too weak to move. Polata and Daventry and the others all leaned over the side, grinning like Cheshire Cats. A rope-ladder was slung over the side and we clambered onboard where we were met with bacon rolls and hot tea, which eventually put even the sickest back on form. The Tectona was the official sail training ship for the School of Maritime Studies. She had been built in India in 1929 by a well-to-do major who had her rigged as a cutter.

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