Map of Zouerat

Map of Zouerat on (1945), The Brute Man (1946), Call of the Klondike (1950), and Danger Zone (1951). In 1946, Neal starred as the Fate-stricken character, Al Roberts, in the Edgar G. Ulmer directed film Detour for Poverty Row production company PRC (Producers Releasing Corporation). Shot in six days on the microscopic budget of $30,000, Detour has since become a darling of critics who laud it as a major example of film noir. The movie was remade in 1992 starring Tom Neal, Jr., the actor’s son. No doubt Neal would have continued his undistinguished, but solid acting career in B movies if not for his disastrous involvement in an ill-fated love triangle. Map of Zouerat 2016.

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