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Map of Zeltweg on right to refuse treatment the right of patients with mental illness to refuse treatment that may be potentially hazardous or intrusive (e.g., ELECTROCONVULSIVE THERAPY Or psychoactive drugs), particularly when such treatment does not appear to be in the best interests of the patient. In the United States, various state laws and court rulings support the rights of patients to receive or reject certain treatments, but there is a lack of uniformity in such regulations. right to treatment a statutory right, established at varying governmental levels, stipulating that people with disabilities or disorders, usually persistent or chronic in nature, have the right to receive care and treatment suited to their needs. Such statutory rights may apply nationally or to certain state or provincial areas, or they may be limited to certain conditions and disabilities.

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right to withdraw the right of participants in research to remove themselves from the study or procedure at any point. Map of Zeltweg 2016.

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