Map of Zeiselmauer

Map of Zeiselmauer on When the overall market is strong, my indicator stock is normally strong. When the market momentum shifts, the indicator stock normally shifts. The beauty about it is the indicator stock normally shifts direction prior to the overall market and the overall market follows suit. The indicator stock not only leads the overall market, but also the other stocks that I call follower stocks chase after it. Sometimes, this lead-time is a few minutes and other times only a few seconds. If I am in a stock that followed the indicator stock at the bottom and my stock started to show signs of pausing or weakened momentum, and if my indicator stock is still showing upward momentum, I may choose to hold that particular stock a bit longer and play with my profits. Agood percentage of the time, if I have picked a proper indicator and the overall market is showing good momentum shifts, the stock I am in will pause or dip a small amount, then continue its upward climb, and finally top out after the indicator stock tops. Map of Zeiselmauer 2016.

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