Map of Yenda

Map of Yenda on Stung by the film’s reception and possibly seeing disturbing resonances of herself in the character of Jennifer, the 24-year-old actress approached Ransohoff and asked to be let out of the remaining three years of her Filmways contract. She told the executive she planned to retire from acting to devote herself to starting a family with the film director. To his credit, Polanski had always been bluntly honest with Tate when it came to their relationship. He did not wish to marry or have children, but if they did wed he would continue to see other women. She had agreed to his terms early in their affair, but in the face of ongoing career disappointments a commitment to him may have seemed like her only alternative. Ransohoff let her out of the contract on condition that she actually retire from acting. Soon, the famous director and his alluring lover became international jetsetters equally at home with the beautiful people in Hollywood and on the Continent. Map of Yenda 2016.

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