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Map of yellowstone park on An e-text lives in cyberspace, while a printed book dwells as a material object in your hands or on your book shelves. Now,moreover, 1 am led to recognize that The Last Chronicle was a multimedia production when it first came out. 1 henceforth need to take into account in any interpretation the interaction of picture and text in this novel. ln the original illustrations for a given Victorian nove!, sorne artist, good or bad (for The Last Chronicle the moderately good George Housman Thomas), made concrete and visible the interior visions that reading the novel called up in him [almost aIl were male, as one reader among many. Sometimes, however, the novelist had a hand in directing the forrn the illustrations took, notoriously so in the case of the illustrations for Dickens’s novels by Phiz (Habl´t K. Browne). The original illustrations ofVictorian novels no doubt guided the imaginations of their readers-for example, Henry James as a childhood reader of Oliver Twist. Map of yellowstone park 2016.

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