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Map of Yeelirrie on As 1 shall show, he takes for granted, as a primordial feature of living together with others in a unified community, a high degree of mutual understanding. Each person in that community, of whatever gender or class, has an extraordinary power to penetrate into the minds and feelings of any other member of the community. That this ability goes beyond class lines is indicated in a passage in which Trollope ascribes to the Barsetshire grooms an infallible insight into the fact that Crawley is a gentleman. This matches the similar insight of members of Crawley's own class.

For TrolIope, the other is almost completely transparent to me if: and only if: he or she belongs to my community.

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That almost is alI-important, as 1 shall show. 42 Last Chronicle of Barset as a Madel of Victorian Community 1 do not myself believe that such a spooky thing as a community consciousness exists in the real world.

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