Map of Yalata Mission

Map of Yalata Mission on On March 21, 1967, Manson was paroled from Tate 316 Terminal Island Prison in San Pedro, California, after serving a long term at the federal prison Mc- Neil Island in the state of Washington for car theft and pimping. Instinctively, the 32-year-old Manson realized that the 19 years he had spent behind bars had rendered him ill-equipped to adapt to the outside world and he begged authorities to permit him to remain in the penitentiary. They refused and with $35 in his pocket Manson drifted north to San Francisco, then ground zero of the Hippie movement. Thoroughly schooled in the art of the jail house con, the charismatic Manson soon realized that there was a place for him in the Haight-Ashbury district. A budding musician-songwriter (Alvin Creepy Karpis of the Ma Barker gang had taught him to play guitar in prison), Manson used his music combined with an addled messianic philosophy buttressed with marijuana and mind-altering drugs to seduce a coterie of young middle-class white women who had renounced their parents’ values to find Truth and God. Manson used his groupies to attract to his self-styled Family disaffected males who possessed the skills he needed to make his cult self-sufficient; a handiness with weapons and automobile mechanics. With his Family in tow, Manson relocated to the Los Angeles area and settled his commune at Spahn Ranch, an old film set and horse ranch in Simi Valley near Chats – worth. Map of Yalata Mission 2016.

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