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Map of Wyalkatchem on That is a slightly rhetorical consideration, but there are more strictly philosophical objections to any contemplation by God of the lower orders of nature. It would be difficult to maintain the initial postulate on which all his nature depends his freedom from kinesis if we tried to imagine any way in which he might be supposed to think of creatures which are themselves subject to kinesis. God’s thought therefore is not of the world or of anything in it, but simply and solely of himself, the only pure and active being untainted with matter and potentiality. He thinks himself, therefore, if his thought is of the best, and his thought is a thought of thought. Thus the most important question, from a human point of view, remains unanswered: What is God’s relation to the world, and in what way is he its cause? The answer to this, as to most questions in Aristotle, is to be found by applying the few fundamental principles of his philosophy. Indeed, though we may dislike the conclusions to which it led him, it is impossible not to admire his consistency. According to his philosophy, there are four aspects of natural causation: material, efficient, formal and final. Map of Wyalkatchem 2016.

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