Map of Wonthaggi

Map of Wonthaggi on Busted! The Inside Story of the World of Sports Memorabilia, O.J. Simpson, and the Vegas Arrests. Beverly Hills, CA: Phoenix, 2008. Schiller, Lawrence, and James Willwerth. American Tragedy: The Uncensored Story of the Simpson Defense. New York: Random House, 1996. Map of Wonthaggi 2016.

Map of Wonthaggi Photo Gallery

I walked around with a hugely self-satisfied smile on my face, knowing the situation wouldn’t last, but pleased to wind Charlie up while it did. A compromise was agreed later in the day, in that I would have half the morning off for cargo supervision and then split the rest of the cargo watches with Charlie. As things turned out, I had patted myself on the back too soon, because the mornings turned into a joint planning and assessment enterprise with the supercargo, the Flounder sticking his nose in from time to time. Even so, it wasn’t demanding work. In the late afternoon of the first day, I went ashore with a good-size crowd.

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