Map of Wingello

Map of Wingello on Hip-hop insiders, however, largely discounted the killing was linked to bad blood between Soulja Slim’s old and new record labels pointing to the deep friendship between C-Murder (Master P’s younger brother) and the dead rapper. Tapp’s family was blindsided in March 2004 when the New Orleans district attorney’s office refused the charge against Garelle Smith citing the evidence was insufficient to prove the crime. Still reeling from the release of the prime suspect, the family was again floored when police announced their investigation into Soulja Slim’s murder uncovered evidence implicating the murdered rapper in the shooting death of truck driver Robert Lee Paige, Jr., in September 2003. Paige’s body was found weighted down with cinder blocks in the New Orlean’s City Park lagoon. Tapp’s manager, Anthony Antman Murray, ripped the police for making Soulja Slim a post – humous suspect, charging, That’s just their way of closing their books. Nothin’ on the street was serious enough for him to bother with like that. Map of Wingello 2016.

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