Map of Wielandsthal


This is an inflammation of the outer layer of the eyeball. It is caused by accidental injury (city travel with cats sometimes scratch their eyes on grass or briars when they first go to the country), wounds received in battle, or infections transported from other

organs. The eyeball has a blue-white, clouded look. This condition requires professional treatment.

wielandsthal, Niederosterreich, Austria – What happens in …

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The twice daily journey on the tube was becoming increasingly hellish for me. I started to recognise my fellow passengers each morning, although we never spoke or even acknowledged each other. I started to silently hate them, for no reason other than I hated being there. I couldn’t concentrate on the lessons because I was becoming numb with the whole experience. Max and Jacky and Glenn were decent enough people and I enjoyed our jaunts but we weren’t close, we lived in different quadrants of a vast city.

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