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Some critics of trends in contemporary society argue that we have become too preoccupied with our own need for personal fulfilment at the expense of wider family and community responsibilities. Nevertheless, we still regard divorce as a much more serious

It is worth pointing out that the pursuit of personal goals and the meeting of wider family responsibilities are not necessarily mutually exclusive alternatives; rather, the reverse may be true. People who derive a strong sense of their own worth from their adult investments and relationships may offer more to their children than those who, as they sometimes put it, live only for their children’. Remaining in a destructive marriage for the sake of the children may, in the end, be the weak solution, even if, at the time, it seems to be a courageous self-sacrifice of personal needs.

It is worth remembering that many divorced parents resolve their outstanding conflicts well enough to continue cooperating as parents. Divorce does not inevitably mark the end for the parent without custody; children may live in a one-parent household but they do not inevitably lose a parent after divorce. The writer A. Alvarez described how he struggled with the decision to leave his wife. When he discussed his fears with a psychotherapist he was told, You will not cease to be a father by living apart. You may be more of one.’10

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