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First-aid treatment varies with the poison. In most (not all) cases of poisoning by mouth, you should try to make the cat vomit if: (i) he has not already vomited, (2) he is conscious, and (3) a short time has passed since he ate the poison. To induce vomiting: First, try to get a teaspoonful of pure table salt on the back of the cat’s tongue. If you cannot do this, dissolve two teaspoonfuls of salt in six ounces of warm water and administer to the cat as described under how to give a cat LIQUID MEDICINE.

A mixture that can be used as a universal antidote for various types of poison consists of one tablespoonful of strong tea, one teaspoonful of milk of magnesia, and two teaspoonfuls of pulverized burned toast. You should use this only if you cannot get a veterinarian’s assistance. Further, you should always try to make the cat vomit before using the mixture.

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