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You must bone the cat’s fish. travel with cats mustn’t have fish bones ever, not big ones, or little ones, or sort of soft ones, or any other kind of fish bones. A fish bone may stick in the cat’s throat and choke it. A swallowed fish bone may puncture the stomach wall. A cat’s stomach contains enough hydrochloric acid to dissolve any bone eventually. Unfortunately bones don’t wait to be dissolved. If your cat has had fish bones and survived that was pure accident and may not happen again.

For a cat that goes outdoors, fish is fine as often as you are willing to cook and bone it. If the cat can’t go out, don’t feed it fish too often. It is hard to live in an apartment with a cat that has had fish every day for a week; the whole place smells like a fish market at low tide. Fish once in a while will please the cat and won’t bother you.

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