Map of Wentworthville

Map of Wentworthville on that night. Alice Todd, Thelma’s stage door mother, initially claimed her daughter had been murdered. Several others took her view, but experienced memory lapses when called upon to testify at the inquest. Mae Whitehead flatly told officials that anonymous men had threatened her with harm if she chose to speak about any possible mob involvement in the cafe. Andy Edmonds, in her provocative book, Hot Toddy, suggests Todd was murdered on Luciano’s orders and offers a plausible chronology of events and a scenario that explains the movie star’s untimely death. If nothing else, Edmonds skillfully points out the numerous investigative, forensic, and judicial inconsistencies in the official handling of the case. On December 19, 1935, thousands of friends, fans, and curiosity seekers filed past Todd’s open casket at Pierce Brothers Mortuary between 9:00 A. Map of Wentworthville 2016.

Map of Wentworthville Photo Gallery

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