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Map of washington state on Emotionally unstable to the end, Minter supposedly made a deathbed confession to killing Taylor to her nurse who then disappeared. Of all the principals in the Taylor murder, however, Charlotte Shelby today remains the most compelling suspect in his death. Not only had the quintessential stage mother threatened to kill several men who had shown an interest in Minter to protect her 30 percent stake in her daughter’s income, Hollywood insiders knew of Minter’s obsession with the director and the mother’s incendiary opposition to the relationship. Some have even theorized that Shelby was attracted to Taylor. Despite the woman’s well-publicized feelings toward Taylor, District Attorney Thomas Lee Wool – wine, a friend of Shelby’s, never asked her for a statement. Woolwine’s successor in the position, Asa Keyes, questioned Shelby in 1925, but not surprisingly the intervening years since the murder had afforded sufficient time for the woman to construct a fairly tight alibi (although it did conflict with the statements of others taken at the time of the killing). Keyes was later jailed on unrelated bribery charges and his replacement, Buron Fitts, reopened the case in late 1929, but nothing came of it. Map of washington state 2016.

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