Map of Warth

Map of Warth on We read her noble let ter ofrenunciation, refusing to marry him while he father is accused of theft, but not able to bring herself to lie by saying she does not love him. The transparency of the characters to one another and to the reader is emblematized in the letters they exchange. The reader purloins these with impunity, through the connivance of the narrative voice. BACK TO CRAWlEY’S HAlF-INSANE BROODINGS l have shown how a universal transparency among the characters is exemplified in the notation of Crawley’s self .. pitying broodings. A second peculiarity of the passage l have cited is that, for aU its circumstantial detail, it does not describe just a single moment, the instant the reader is in at that stage of the narration. Map of Warth 2016.

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