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Map of Warrap on He encouraged the government to promote manufacturing, international trade, policies favoring the rich, and investment in the American economy. The forces of modernization”the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, new technologies, and the emerging dominance of scientific thinking”forced conservatives during the 19th century to reassess their ideas and policies. Conservative programs of continued government involvement in the U.S. economy during the antebellum period, such as Henry Clay's American System, gave way in the postAMERICAN CIVIL WAR era to a conservatism that embraced laissez-faire economics.

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Republicans advocated limited government involvement in the economy, and opposition to labor and trade unions and other reforms that would impede unlimited economic progress. They advocated economic policies that supported the wealthy, big business, and manufacturing interests, which in turn would benefit the entire economy, and all Americans, rich and poor. Map of Warrap 2016.

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South Sudan: Warrap State – Detailed Transport Map (as of 18 Jan …

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