Map of Waltham Abbey

banks, e.g. venture capital and the management of unit trusts. In Britain the number of commercial banks has been greatly reduced in recent years, and in addition to the big 4 there are only two other English banks of any size – Coutts, which is a subsidiary of National Westminster, and Williams & Glyn. In Scotland there are two independent banking groups: the Bank of Scotland and the National and Commercial Banking Group, which owns Williams & Glyn. Banking in Northern Ireland is mainly in the hands of subsidiaries of the ‚ËBig 4‚„. Together with their subsidiaries there are over 200 foreign banks in London, more than in any other financial centre, some of them with branches outside London, and their number has greatly increased in recent years. The U.K. clearing banks have had to face growing competition from these foreign banks, other British banks and the building societies in recent years. The clearing banks‚„ share of sterling deposits has been declining and in 1980 was less than 60 per cent, compare

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Waltham Abbey Location Guide

Map of Marriott Waltham Abbey, Waltham Abbey

Waltham Abbey Map – Street and Road Maps of Essex England UK

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