Map of Wallern an der Trattnach

Map of Wallern an der Trattnach on I think I might be able to persuade him it’s in his best interests to cooperate with the State’s Attorney’s office. Geographica CHARLES A. REHER, UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING Smart Cars Map Route to the 21st Century Automobiles that navigate for themselves were once a sta-L JL pie of science fiction. But so-called smart cars are becoming a reality. Engineers who have developed vehicle-navigation systems like the Bosch Travelpilot (below) now are enhancing those systems with satellite technology. Researchers envision dashboard computers that use data from the Pentagon’s Global Positioning System in conjunction with onboard navigational aids. Digitized maps and synthesized voices would provide drivers with step-by-step guidance. Map of Wallern an der Trattnach 2016.

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