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Map of virginia on The performer destined to become the icon of punk was born Simon John Ritchie on May 10, 1957, in Lewisham Hospital in London the son of John George Ritchie, a publisher’s representative, and Anne Jeannette, a psychologically troubled woman whose recreational drug use further unsettled her volatile personality. Ritchie split when Sid was two and Anne married Chris Beverley. Mother and son retained Beverley’s name following his death. Desperately poor, Sid spent much of his early life with Anne moving from one squalid flat to the next in the lower class environs of the city, while she barely supported them by rolling joints. Sid took to running the streets looking for companionship and entertainment which often took the form of baiting and beating up aging hippies. The 15-year-old was already sharing his mother’s syringe to shoot speed when authorities sent him to a special needs school in Stoke Newington. Sid worked briefly in a textile factory prior to enrolling in a photography course in 1973 at Hackney Technical College. Map of virginia 2016.

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