Map of Vilkaviskis

Map of Vilkaviskis on Fitts committed suicide in 1973, perhaps with the gun used to kill Taylor. Hollywood’s most enduring murder mystery remained out of the press until fanned into flame again by a legal suit over unpaid moneys brought by Shelby’s other daughter, Margaret Shelby Fillmore, against her mother in 1937. In addition to accusing her mother of underhanded business practices, Fillmore fingered Shelby as paying a confidant, Carl Stockdale, to murder the director. Shelby denied the charges and demanded a grand jury be impaneled to either charge or clear her of Taylor’s killing. After much conflicting testimony, the grand jury did neither. Shelby reportedly died in 1957. In 1982, the book A Cast of Killers by Sidney Kirkpatrick published director King Vidor’s research into the death of William Desmond Taylor in which his industry colleague concluded that Charlotte Shelby was the director’s killer. Map of Vilkaviskis 2016.

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